I have been teaching music since 1993. I taught piano, music theory, solfeggio, musical formation, choir and composition classes in MSFAU, University of Manitoba and University of Calgary.  My enthusiasm and excitement for music inspired numerous students, many of whom became professional musicians performing all around the world. I believe understanding the student’s mind is very important. Approaching students from many directions, encouraging them to ask questions and helping them to find their unique voice in music making is essential to teaching well. I am currently teaching piano and music theory in Tongur Music, and second-year musicianship at the University of Calgary.

09.2017-12.2017  University of Calgary Sessional Instructor (Musicianship II)  

01.2016-04.2016  University of Calgary Sessional Instructor (Composition)      

2014-Present Tongur Music Co-founder, Director, Instructor (Piano, Composition, Music Theory)

09.2012 –Present University of Calgary Teaching Assistant (Chromatic Harmony, 20th Century Techniques)                                

09.2011-08.2012 University of Manitoba Preparatory Studies Instructor (Piano, Composition)

09.2010-12.2011 University of Manitoba Teaching Assistant (Acoustics, History I, 20th Century Music)                                                                    

09.2004-08.2006   Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Uni.  Choir Conductor                    

01.2003-08.2006   Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Uni.  Long-Term Instructor (Solfeggio, Theory, Musical Formation)

09.2002-12.2002   Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Uni.  Sessional Instructor   (Solfeggio, Theory, Musical Formation)                             

1993-present          Private Tutoring  (Piano, Music Theory, Composition, Counterpoint, Orchestration)14882223_10154766543041869_2636869689747796319_o

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